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What makes Todd's transformational paintings so special?


Once Klippenstein asked another artist, "What makes art important and real both to you and your collectors?"  The other artist simply replied, "When the work touches them so deeply that it brings them to tears." 


Such profound reactions to Todd's works are common. He will tell you that many artists can create 'good works', but personally believes  that if an artist is creating 'great works', the images come from a higher place. 


"The engergies and spiritual images move through me. I am fortunate that I can facilitate this process that expresses an understanding, wisdom and love well beyond the limitations of my human nature."


In 2000 Todd's life took a drastic turn. His wife passed away from cancer. It was at this time that Todd was given permission to cross over and say good bye. While on the other side, he was allowed to see and communicate with angelic beings. After the funeral, he still could see and feel the presence of these celestial beings. He chose to see these experiences as gifts. He humbly asked if he could express their images on canvas, so as to share with the world this way of seeing and connecting. 


At one point, he forgot about being humble and for a short time he could not finish one painting. It was then that things became crystal clear again. To see and connect to truth and love, one has to make every effort to be humble and kind. Only then is one allowed the priviage of seeing, knowing and feeling.


"I am blessed to be a part of something so profound and beautiful!"


Klippenstein's works create a spiritual and energetic dialogue between the painting and the viewer. Often this emotional dialogue transforms something within the viewer. 


"Many have told me that they internally feel the paintings slowing them down and bringing them into and back to who they are, to what they've forgotten. And often that thing they've forgotten, is how truly beautiful they are withn; that the essense of who we are is love."


 Todd's paintings are about making connections to who we are inside and understanding that truly we are more alike than different.

Who is Todd Klippenstein?


Todd is an internationally known metaphysical artist who has been showing and selling is works for more than thirty years. Over these many years, he has been fortunate to meet thousands of people from all around the world who collect his works. Klippenstein states, "...that it is always an honor and a privilege to create images that transform and bring joy to peoples' lives".





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